Christian Web Host

Energized Web Hosting is a Christian owned and ran web hosting company that holds the same beliefs as other Christian businesses. See our Statement of Faith to read what we believe.

Since 2009, Energized I.T. Web Hosting has provided a premium, Christian-based hosting experience for all of our customers. We feel that God has called us to help others realize their goals on the web.

Why would you want to choose a Christian Web Hosting company host over a non-Christian provider? Simply, because we have the same values as you do as a Christian. When you host with us, you can be confident that we do not allow any material on our servers that is contrary to our beliefs as a Christian. It is time for Christians to stand up for what is right. One way we can do that is to vote with our wallets and not contribute to businesses that promote unhealthy material.

Why would you want to choose us for your Christian Web Hosting?

  • Energized I.T. Web Hosting is owned by a born again believer.
  • We offer premium support. You will not be dissapointed by the level of service we provide.
  • We work with many churches and other non-profits and know what a great web presence can do for ministry.

With Energized I.T. you can count on:



Many thanks, your effectiveness and proactive approach exceeds my expectations, the level of services you and your tech-support offer is absolutely outstanding and stands out from am ever growing list of hosting outfits on the web. In short, I would like to applaud you for being one of the few companies I truly enjoy working with and will continue to recommend in the near future.

Yes. Thank you very much. I had a very fast response and got the information I needed.

Kind regards