Webuzo hosting offers a fast, efficient, and user-friendly shared hosting solution for individuals and businesses alike. With Webuzo’s intuitive control panel, users can experience seamless management of their websites, applications, and databases, all within a unified interface. This streamlined approach significantly enhances the speed of setting up and maintaining web hosting services. The simplicity of Webuzo’s control panel ensures that even users with limited technical expertise can navigate and manage their hosting environment effortlessly.

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Ease of use is a hallmark of Webuzo hosting, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a hassle-free web hosting experience.

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We offer hundreds of software packages ready for you to install at your discretion, free of charge, straight from cPanel.


PHP 8.1 brought several improvements, including the introduction of fibers for lightweight concurrent programming, the never type for more precise type declarations, and enhancements in error handling.


AlmaLinux is used on all our servers and is the default in web hosting. It is updated regularly and very secure.

CloudLinux OS


CloudLinux was designed to improve server stability and security. All of our servers feature this, along with CageFS and SecureLinks.



We have now deployed KernelCare to all of our servers. This means important security updates to the Linux kernel will be applied within 24 hours of release without causing any downtime.